About SecureWickidPortal.com

Who We Are

SecureWickidPortal.com handles all the billing/support for any of the following websites

Websites We Look After

  • WickidCorp.com
  • WickidIT.com
  • WickidPets.com
  • WickidClassifieds.com
  • WickidStreams.com
  • WickidHost.com
  • WickidDomains.com
  • WickidDesigns.com
  • WickidImages.com

Company History

Our company is a new, down to earth business, with many old school virtues. Throughout the years we have been established, we have always been dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied by providing constant customer service. It is a code we have lived by and will continue to maintain.

Our Team

A piece of the past that we find many modern businesses and companies are lacking in is customer service. We believe it is essential to provide quick and quality , person to person help and service. That is why our team is comprised of many intelligent, comprehensive and highly dedicated staff. With our 24/7 customer support, we will always be available to email or call if you need help.